Christopher Elgee

Christopher Elgee is a senior security analyst for Counter Hack and design lead for Core NetWars Tournament, and Operations Officer (S-3) for the Army National Guard's 91st Cyber Brigade. At Counter Hack, Christopher is responsible for the design and implementation of NetWars challenges designed to be fun, engaging, and challenging for players of all skill levels. His expert storytelling and keen application of real-world hacker techniques have allowed him to create some of the player-favorite challenges throughout NetWars and the Holiday Hack Challenge.

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Through his work with SANS and the National Guard, Christopher shares his unique insight into cyber security threats to educate, prepare, and inspire students and soldiers alike. Chris holds many certifications, including GSE, CISSP, and OSCP.

Outside of work, Christopher enjoys volunteer community service work, playing bass at church, spending time with his wife and four kids, and playing with their dogs, Charlie and Isabelle.


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