Cyber Risk Insight Suite™ of Assessments

Focus on the human factors that most impact your organization--data-driven behavior change.

Discover What Risks Your Organization Should Prioritize for Training

The SANS Security Awareness Cyber Risk Insight Suite™ establishes concrete learning objectives to define the key aspects of your organization’s security awareness program. Avoid overtraining your employees and wasting time on already-mastered topics. Tailor your security awareness program to the fundamental topics that require changed behavior. Prove your organization’s security awareness success with metrics that establish what employees have learned through your program.

SANS Security Awareness Suite

To manage human risk, a holistic approach is needed that considers organizational culture, human behavior, and technical controls. These multilingual assessments highlight the cyber security areas that require the most attention.

Know What Impacts Your Organization

Organizational data breaches are most often the result of human error. Training your employees to be aware of cyber security risks is essential to protecting your organization. Let SANS Security Awareness experts help you determine what risks your organization should prioritize through training. With the SANS Security Awareness Cyber Risk Insight Suite, discover the cyber security areas where your employees’ knowledge is lacking and the perceptions they hold about your security culture.
Gain a Foundational Focal Point
Reduce Training Cost and Time
Demonstrate Growth and Behavior Change
Know your organization's strengths and weaknesses to tailor your cyber security awareness program to your organization's unique risk areas.Address your organization's key cyber security risk areas rather than inundate employees with training they've already mastered.Measure success by assessing employees before and after providing focused training.