Continued investment in your Security Awareness Program is crucial to protect your organization from an increasing variety of cyber threats. By working with the Client Success Team at SANS Security Awareness you gain a partner in delivering a comprehensive security strategy aimed at building program maturity and better managing human risk. Investing in professional services will ensure your awareness program is effective from day one.

Success Services Programs

The Client Success Team at SANS has designed a variety of Success Services Programs to meet the needs of any organization, regardless of the size or the relative maturity of your program. Each service level is designed to help your team better manage human risk and mature your program in accordance with the SANS Security Awareness Maturity Model®.

SANS Security Awareness Success Services at a Glance

MEETING HOURS (Typical Engagement)8+18+25+
DEDICATED CSM HOURS (Typical Engagement)25+64+100+
WEEKLY ENGAGEMENT30-days60-days90-days

Support services that are part of SANS Security Awareness Client Success Programs Include

Dedicated SANS Success Expert (Included in all program levels)
Your SANS dedicated support specialist is there help you to ensure that the program you build remains current, effective and right-sized to your organization. SANS Support specialists each carry SSAP credentials and bring years of experience to act as program advisors. Your dedicated specialist will help you to measure the ongoing results of your security awareness program, and make data-driven decisions to improve it.

Kickoff Call (Included in all program levels)
This team-wide conference call is used to determine goals, timelines and program plans with stakeholders. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will meet with your team leaders and larger awareness training team to produce the initial stages of your program roadmap.

Weekly Status Updates (Resource: first 30 days; Consultative: first 60 days; Advanced Consultative: first 90 days)
Weekly program outline delivers a regular status update to provide a detailed recap of the status of your program implementation, recommendations for optimization, and suggested action items.

Customized Program Roadmap (Included in all program levels)
Your customized program roadmap is tailored to the specific needs and goals of your organization, accounting for industry, size, and existing security infrastructure. The roadmap delivers a clear and concise training plan that outlines the specific topics to be covered, a schedule that outlines when and how often the training will be delivered, and a strategy for evaluating the program over time, taking into account changes in technology, security threats, and organizational needs.

Monthly Planning and Update Calls (Included in Consultative and Advanced Consultative program levels)
Monthly planning and update calls bring all stakeholders together to review results from the previous month, including an assessment of the effectiveness of your program, identification of any issues or obstacles that were encountered, and any changes that need to be made to maximize success along with a review of key metrics and a discussion of any trends or patterns that have been identified.

Quarterly Business Reviews (Included in all program levels)
Quarterly Business Reviews are an opportunity to evaluate the overall effectiveness of your program, looking at factors such as its impact on employee behavior and the level of employee engagement among other items. Based on the findings of the review, feedback and recommendations will be provided to various stakeholders including identifying areas for improvement and suggested methods to enhance the program's effectiveness.

Added Value through Toolkits, Supplemental Material, and more!

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Toolkit (Included in all program levels)
October is the Security Awareness Team’s time to shine, and our annual Cybersecurity Awareness Month Toolkits are designed to help you make the most of this special period in your training cycle. You will receive a comprehensive collection of resources designed to educate your workforce about importance of cyber security through a range of materials that include informational posters, fun fact sheets, email templates, and social media assets to promote cybersecurity awareness; all themed to the industry’s latest and most pressing threats.

Exclusive Monthly Security Awareness Officer Toolkits (Included in Consultative and Advanced Consultative program levels)
Focusing on a specific and timely learning outcome, monthly Security Awareness Officer Toolkits provide resources to keep your learners engaged outside their regular training cycle. Exclusive fact sheets, newsletter templates, and videos can be deployed as required to maintain or improve program maturity.

Engagement Materials (Included in Consultative and Advanced Consultative program levels)
These supplemental support tools – which include posters, newsletters, audio casts, and fact sheets among others – spur learners to keep concepts in mind at any given time by reinforcing and amplifying the key messages taught throughout our video modules.

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Human Risk Summit

Managing Human Risk Summit

The SANS Security Awareness: Managing Human Risk Summit provides an opportunity to learn, connect, and share with thousands of fellow security awareness, behavior and culture professionals from around the world. It’s where the industry's top practitioners share their latest research, technologies, and case studies in managing human risk. Complementary admission to this one-of-a-kind networking and learning experience is included in select service levels. Contact us to learn more!

SSA SSAP - Managing Human Risk

SANS LDR 433 – Managing Human Risk w/SSAP Credential – Discount Available for Success Services Clients

Learn the key lessons and the roadmap to build a mature awareness program that will truly engage your workforce, change behavior and ultimately manage your human risk. Concepts include how to assess and prioritize your top human risks and the behaviors that manage those risks, how to engage, train and secure your workforce by changing their behaviors and culture, and how to measure the impact and value of that change.

SANS Class

SANS LDR 521 - Security Culture for Leaders – Discount Available for Success Services Clients

Drawing on real-world lessons from around the world, this course will teach you how to leverage the principles of organizational change in order to develop, maintain, and measure a security-driven culture. Students apply concepts to a variety of different real-world security initiatives and quickly learn how to embed cybersecurity into an organization's culture immediately.