ICS Engineer Security Awareness Training

Designed exclusively for people who support, interact with or operate within ICS environments.

The Leading Training Program for ICS Cybersecurity

Cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure and industrial control system (ICS) are becoming an all too common occurrence. Protect these critical systems by teaching engineers, system operators and others who interact with ICS environments the best methods to prevent, identify and respond to cyber incidents. Developed by a world-renowned team of ICS cybersecurity experts who actively work in the industry, we guarantee all of our training is fresh, relevant and addresses the latest challenges.
Understand Top ICS Attack Patterns
Reinforce Critical Security Awareness Behaviors
Do More Than Meet Compliance

ICS working environments are very different from their corporate counterparts — which means so, too, are their security risks. Our one-of-its-kind training solution helps anyone who works within ICS environments effectively recognize and respond to their unique cybersecurity threats, reducing the risks of data loss, system breakdowns and physical damage.

For training to be impactful, it must be relevant — and it can’t be overwhelming. Our training illustrates real-world ICS working situations and is presented in individual, minutes-long modules, reducing learner fatigue. Plus, all content is developed in-house, maintaining the consistent, high-quality production value associated with SANS.

Our training extends beyond compliance requirements and standard best practices for ICS governance and policy — it actually changes core human behaviors and reduces risk.


ICS Security Awareness Training Is Critical

The frequency and severity of ICS security incidents are on the rise, with nearly half of ICS networks having faced some kind of cyberattack. Make sure this isn’t the case for your organization. With best-in-breed security training, engineers and other staff who interact with ICS can move beyond the concept of “think secure” and actually adopt behaviors to help prevent compromise in the first place.

Create a More Secure ICS Workforce

From plant managers to operations engineers to vice presidents of operations, each individual in the ICS hierarchy has an important role in protecting the infrastructure of major industries. Yet many of these individuals receive training better-suited for the corporate environment or, worse yet, no security training at all. With a focus on the unique needs of ICS industries, our training equips anyone who works within ICS environments with the information and tools necessary to protect and defend all types of control systems, including Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and other small systems, such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).


Keep on Top of Ever-Emerging Trends

As technological advancements like mobile devices, IoT and cloud interconnectivity continually transform how we work and behave, there are more opportunities than ever for a cyber attacker to do real and significant damage. From attack surfaces, to incident handling to real-world attack scenarios, our training ensures everyone involved with ICS knows how to safeguard all aspects of your organization’s systems.

ICS Training Modules

  • ICS Introduction
  • ICS Overview
  • ICS Drivers and Constraints
  • ICS Overview of Attacks
  • ICS Attack Surfaces
  • ICS Server Security
  • ICS Network Security
  • ICS System Maintenance
  • ICS Information Assurance
  • ICS Incidence Handling
  • ICS Attack Scenario
  • ICS Ukraine Attack


I head up the Cyber Awareness program for TransCanada. We chose to partner with SANS Security Awareness after seeing the quality training materials that they had available for us to use in the program. The games, spot videos and course materials are what we need to take our security awareness program to the next level. SSA has very high quality materials for ICS/Engineers that we are looking at incorporating into the program. Patrick Sharp , TransCanada