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Introducing Security Essentials for IT Administrators

New from SANS Security Awareness Short-format Technical Training for Network and System Administrators
End User PCI Tip Sheet

Demystify PCI DSS Compliance with the SANS Security Awareness Tip Sheet

While PCI compliance can seem complex, preparing your organization for compliance doesn’t need to be when you have our complimentary tip sheet with top tips to kickstart compliance efforts while mitigating the human factor.

Snack Attack

Gamified Ransomware Defense Training

For security awareness professionals, October is the time to leverage your passion for security and deliver an experience that extends beyond mandatory annual training. Fortunately for you, we have the perfect solution — Snack Attack! A fun, highly interactive series of gamified challenges that equip your workforce to combat one of the biggest risks facing organizations globally: ransomware.

SSA Benchmark Graphic

Planning for Cybersecurity Awareness Month?

Jumpstart your efforts and equip your workforce to defend against the latest cyber threats with this step-by-step toolkit. This planning kit, which includes new resources aimed at mitigating Ransomware, provides prescient guidance to build or improve your Security Awareness Program using strategies developed and proven by the world-renowned and trusted experts in the SANS Security Awareness Community.


Take Your Career to the Next Level with the Security Awareness Professional Credential

Grow your program. Advance your career. The SANS Security Awareness Professional (SSAP) credential will identify you as an expert in your industry.

Build and mature your security awareness program with a comprehensive, data-driven approach to training for everyone in your organization